Ecotone winner of the Biodiversity Champion Responsible Business Awards!


Ecotone inaugurates the “Caféière”, Europe’s largest organic coffee and tea factory, at a cost of 10 million euros


Ecotone won the Sustainability Food Award 2023


Our Impact Report is out!


 We are B Corp recertified with 116,5 points! We are now the world’s highest B Corp score multinational food business!


Our company at a glance

80% organic

97% plant-based

Europe’s first largest B Corp food business

1,600 employees

9 manufacturing centers in 7 countries in Europe

16 purposeful brands

€690M turnover

1 charitable

Our game-changing recipe:
to restore and protect ecosystems

No chemicals

Plant-based meal & dairy alternatives

Fighting food standardisation

Above & beyond organic farming

Restore & protect biodiversity

Meet our family of
biodiversity-feeding brands

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