Our story

is a new company born out of a very old company.

Our passion for food
has lasted for more than 250 years and is renewed every day.

In the last 30 years,
we offered plant-based alternatives, developped nutritional quality, and promoted ingredient diversity

In the last 10 years,
we have used our drive to grow into the leading player in organic foods in Europe.

we are the first and largest European food company to be fully certified B Corp.
we are also a mission-driven* company:
Food for biodiversity

(*Introduced in 2019 by the French government, an “entreprise à mission” (mission-driven company) is defined as a company that has aligned societal and environmental goals with its purpose and set out those targets in its articles of association.

Today and tomorrow
we’ll set the tone for biodiversity, organic, vegetarian, healthy and fair-trade food !