Our brands

Our Six Trailblazing Categories

We create low impact food and drink that gives biodiversity a helping hand, and fits the way people live and work today. Everything we grow and make at Ecotone is thought through from soil to table, farmer to consumer.

Far-From-Ordinary Dairy Alternatives

Our innovative thinking is revolutionising the plant-based milk and yoghurt category with diverse ingredients. Expect crowd-pleasing oat, coconut and almond options, alongside more unexpected and tasty creations using cashew, millet, spelt, and buckwheat.

Nature Boosting Tea, Coffee & Beyond

Whether it’s a cleansing herbal tea, indulgent hot chocolate, a pick-me-up coffee or a grain-based alternative, we have this universally loved category covered, while putting fairness first. A simple sip can boost biodiversity and empower local producers in developing countries.

Vibrant Veggie Food Made Effortless

We make meat-free eating a pleasure with our uplifting collection of colourful ready meals, veggie spreads and plant-based proteins.
Delicious gut-friendly diverse ingredients take centre stage, to make veggie food better for body and biodiversity alike.

Sweet snacks
with positive energy

Our sweet things are all-round uplifting with nature friendly farming baked in. From traditional biscuits and cereal bars to fair trade chocolate compotes, we challenge the category with diverse, delicious and responsible ingredients.

Breakfasts for
Better Biodiversity

Welcome to a truly good breakfast! The majority of our cereals are organic and we offer healthy and varied ingredients to preserve biodiversity and avoid monocultures. Welcome to amaranth, walnuts and oats alongside more traditional cereals!

Bread and biscuits alternatives and gluten free

We offer real alternatives to wheat and gluten with products made from rice, corn or buckwheat. Always good, always better!

All Purposeful Brands

Abbot Kinney’s

It’s time to flip the standard and make plant-based the new norm. Since 2014 it has been Abbot Kinney’s mission to create the most delicious dairy alternatives, using simple, organic and natural ingredients. That’s simply better for wildlife, soil and farm animals. Plant-based is the way forward, so, Abbot Kinney made it delicious.


Allos was established in 1974 on a farm in Drebber, in northern Germany. The rural farm remained home to the organic pioneer as the brand kept growing and became market leader for organic cereals, bars and fruit spreads in German health food stores. With its flagship project “Biene sucht Blüte”, founded in 2012 by passionate employees, Allos is eager to preserve biodiversity by providing food and habitat for bees.

Alter Eco

Pioneer of fair trade and organic chocolate and coffee in France. Working together with farmers for decades already on preserving and rejuvenating ecosystems, reversing climate change and better living conditions. Also, the chocolate tastes amazing :).


Bjorg is the leader and pioneer of the organic market in France, with a focus on healthier, more balanced quality foods spanning dairy-free drinks, vegetable cooking aids, breakfast cereals, biscuits and meat alternatives.


Organic and better for people and the planet.
Created in 1973 by the pioneer Robert Bonneterre, the brand brings human know-how and fruits of the earth together through organic and tasty recipes.
Bonneterre is the most trusted and best-known brand in French Health Food Stores.


Clipper is the UK’s first and largest fair trade and organic tea brand and now a household favourite in more than 50 countries across Europe and the world, too. It was the first to introduce unbleached, non-GM and fully biodegradable tea bags of which is now sells more than 1bn a year. The winner of more than 60 Great Taste Awards in 20 years Clipper’s commitment is to always be Natural Fair & Delicious


Since 1990, Danival has been dedicated to making healthy, tasty and locally-sourced organic ready-to-eat recipes (fruit purees, ready meals and the first, made-in-France, Japanese products (miso). At the Andiran Mill (South West France), Danival was one of the first French companies to be Bio Ecocert certified.


Destination has sourced the best organic and Fairtrade coffee beans and tea leaves from across the world since 1999. It is the number one organic coffee brand in French health food stores and is dedicated to continuing the traditional French know-how of artisanal coffee roasting at its facility in Bordeaux.


Delicious organic food for everyone. Ecocesta was born in Spain to make organic food accessible for every consumer in their daily grocery shopping. The brand champions eating organic food as a healthy, delicious and sustainable way of living.

El Granero integral

Bringing organic food to consumers since 1982. El Granero is a trusted and established brand committed to making quality foods for today’s consumers and future generations. It has a broad portfolio of more than 500 delicious, high quality and sustainable products. It is why El Granero is the leading organic brand in the health food trade in Spain.

Isola Bio

Organic to the roots, plant based at heart. Since 1999, Isola Bio has served organic deliciousness; becoming the #1 dairy-alternative brand in health food stores in Italy. A true pioneer, it crafts the healthiest recipes with the finest plant ingredients straight from its own lands – taking care of you and the planet.


Good, honest food that is better by nature. Kallo makes a wide range of gluten-free snacks including rice, corn, lentil and veggie cakes to organic stocks and gravies for hassle-free home cooking. The brand takes pride in using carefully-selected natural and simple ingredients – with no added artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Little Lunch

Little Lunch, the lunch break revolution. Since 2015 Little Lunch has been redefining the convenience concept – from “quick & dirty” to “sustainable, easy & healthy”. Its focus is on the highest quality, sustainable packaging as well as exceptional recipes and delicious taste. For its ready-to-eat soups and sauces, it only uses the best organic ingredients, ensures an extra high proportion of vegetables and consciously avoids artificial additives and preservatives.


Tartex is famous for its delicious vegetarian spreads. With over 80 years of experience, the veggie pioneer is still bringing delicious, organic innovations to the market. Located in the German black forest, Tartex is not only close to nature, but bringing nature to the plate. The tasty savoury spreads are based on a wide range of organic ingredients and support biodiversity with diverse recipes. A perfect brand for dinner-time with the loved ones.

Whole Earth

Natural and wholesome foods that are good for you and good for the earth. The range includes nut butters, cereals and sauces made with all-natural ingredients. Whole Earth is the UK’s no.1 peanut butter brand, best known for its growing spreads portfolio. It is a proud supporter of the Sumatran Orangutan Society.


Zonnatura has been an organic pioneer since it’s launch in 1954. It is the number one organic brand in Dutch grocery stores. Zonnatura was one of the first to bring on-trend and functional foods to the grocery channel in the Netherlands. It is still doing this successfully with ingredients like kombucha and its pure ginger juice.

Our Nine Production Facilities

We own nine production facilities and also work with a network of suppliers selected in accordance with our values and mission. Among them are some of the pioneering companies that were with us when we started our organic journey over 30 years ago!

Facilities Key Categories Brands
1 Beaminster Teas Clipper
2 Bordeaux Hot Drinks Destination, Naturela, Alter Eco
3 Badia Polesine Plant-based beverages Isola Bio, Bonneterre, Bjorg
4 Viadana Plant-based beverages
5 Seseña (Toledo) Cereal, rice cakes Ecocesta, El Granero
6 Paracuellos Dietary supplements
7 Drebber Breakfast cereals, cereal bars Allos, Bjorg, Zonnatura, Whole Earth
8 Freiburg Savoury and sweet spreads Allos, Tartex, Zonnatura, Bjorg, Bonneterre
9 Andiran Meals and fruit specialties Danival, Bjorg