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Our Story

Our journey to a mission driven company

Ecotone is a new company born out of a very old company. Our passion for food has lasted for more than 250 years and is renewed every day.

In the last 10 years we have used our drive to grow into a leading player in organic foods in Europe.

Today we are the first and largest international food company to be fully certified B Corp.

B-Corp Certification

You can find our people and production sites in seven European countries and our products in more than 90 countries around the world.

We are a purpose driven company dedicated to food Biodiversity

Our Story so far


We hope we will be looking back with pride and joy at the impact that we have made on food biodiversity over the last 10 years.

We become a mission-led company and move our headquarter to St Genis-Laval (near Lyon in France). We decide to focus on the issue of biodiversity as one of the biggest issues facing people and planet in coming years. To clearly and visibly express our commitment we are changing the name that we have proudly worn for 250 years to Ecotone. Named after the area in nature where the greatest biodiversity exists.





We welcome Little Lunch, market leader in Organic Soups and Meals in Germany to our family of companies.

Danival joins us, a leading brand in organic products based on fruits and vegetables sourced from France.





We are happy (and a bit proud) to get B Corp certification and become Europe’s first B Corp multinational in the food business.

Our head office, in Saint Genis Laval (near Lyon, France) is the first French building to obtain the Well certification in the New and Existing Building category. A building which is better for the environment and for the people who work in it.




The team of Abbot Kinney’s, producer of innovative vegan yog and ice cream joins us in order to convince more people around Europe to make the switch to plant based products.

It’s been a busy year in which our family grew quite a bit. Piramide Tea (Organic tea and herbal tea, Netherlands) , Destination (organic tea, coffee and herbal tea, France) and Biogran (leader to organic food on Spain) come onboard.



In the year when we celebrate that we are still here 250 years after our founders started we go all out on healthy and sustainable food and sell all remaining noncore businesses.

We are entering bella Italia in a major way with the acquisition of Abafoods, a leader and major producer of plant based drinks in Italy and across Europe.



We welcome Alter Eco, specialist in the import and distribution of fair trade organic products based in France. Chocolate and Coffee that are not just nice for the people who consume it, but also improve the lives of the people who grow it.

Clipper tea joins us. A cool British tea brand and their team of tea experts in lovely Dorset join us. Natural, Fair, Delicious – What’s not to like?


1972 - 2003

During this period some of the challenges facing the world were starting to become more visible. Some of the people in the business at this time had the idea to focus the company a little more on healthier and more environmentally-friendly products. Consequently, many non-fitting activities were sold and the company reduced strongly in size.

Zonnatura in the Netherlands and Kallo in the UK join the group



Allos joins our company

The company remained in the hands of the family who employed about 100 people with its own production facilities, consisting mostly of the typical Dutch windmills.



Wessanen was founded in 1765 by Adriaan Wessanen and his cousin Dirk Laan on the banks of the River Zaan, just north of Amsterdam. Starting out as a small family business, they were trading in all sorts of seeds.