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Our manifesto

The loss of biodiversity in our environment – and in the food that sustains us – is the biggest crisis affecting us all.
This threat is largely caused by the current industrial agricultural and food systems.

We are ecotone, named after the richest most biodiverse places on earth.
We are a purpose-driven company here to challenge the conventions and change the food industry from the inside.

For 30 years we have commited to change the industrial food system with alternative food: organic and vegetarian.
We are determined to do even more than today, with concrete actions for concrete impact,
by banning all chemical substances that destroy life in the fields, by promoting meat and dairy alternatives to avoid deforestation,
by developing advanced agricultural practices beyond organic standards, by fighting against food standardization and by revitalising ecosystems degraded by man.

We are committed to not only nourish, but also to grow a movement and raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy, biodiverse world.

We are ecotone and this is food for biodiversity



Our Manifesto videos