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Our diverse food

Plant based drinks and yog’s

As an alternative to cow milk we offer a wide variety of vegetable drinks that go far beyond soy and rice based products and include cereals such as oat, spelt, millet, buckwheat and barley as well as almond, hazelnut cashew and coconut.

Hot drinks

We produce a wide range of black, green and white teas and many different blends of infusion. We also roast a range of coffee products and offer coffee alternatives based on grains.

Veggie meals

To fight against the overconsumption of meat with significant environmental and health consequences, we have a broad range of vegetarian bread spreads, meal options and meat replacers. We deliver healthy and more sustainable proteins from a range of diverse ingredients to our consumers.

Sweet in between

Our range of sweet, organic, fair trade and palm oil free products includes mainly biscuits, bars and chocolates. Our products provide nutritional benefits and we are working on reducing their sugar levels.

Breakfast cereals

A good day starts with a balanced breakfast; our broad range of mueslis, porridge and crunchies are selected to meet your need for a healthy and varied diet.

Bread and biscuits alternatives and gluten free products

Or simply wishing to vary the pleasures, they work to offer products based on rice, corn, buckwheat…