Ecotone wins French “Gender Equality Trophy 2023”!

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Ecotone has been honored with the “French Gender Equality Trophy”!

This recognition reaffirms our resolute dedication to fostering gender equality not only within our organization but also in the wider community.

In our pursuit of equality, we have implemented concrete actions at every level of our organization. Although we have achieved favorable overall parity figures (48% women / 52% men), we acknowledge the representation gap that persists at the management level, with only 32% of women holding these positions in 2020. However, through our collective efforts, we have made significant progress, and by 2022, the percentage of women in leadership positions has risen to 38%.

Our commitment to equality is evident in various areas. We have introduced anti-bias strategies within our recruitment process, ensuring equal access and opportunity for all candidates. Additionally, we have implemented a leadership assessment tool for succession planning, focusing on skills and potential. Regular monitoring of inequalities and corrective measures further reinforce our dedication to fairness.

Moreover, Ecotone recognizes the importance of engaging with young individuals to challenge biases and stereotypes early on. Through partnerships with local associations, we strive to broaden their horizons and open doors to diverse career opportunities. Female volunteers serve as role models, showcasing that success knows no gender boundaries.

This Trophy is not merely an achievement in itself; it resonates with our continuous efforts to foster a gender-equal workplace at Ecotone. We view it as a milestone on our path towards continuous improvement, as we acknowledge that promoting gender equality is an ongoing and dynamic endeavor.

Together, we are making a difference and inspiring positive change!

Each year, the “Diversity and Firms Day” (“Diversités et Entreprises“) in the Lyon Region serves as the platform for presenting this esteemed Trophy. The jury consists of prominent companies, HR consultancy firms, and the Administrative Officer of the Lyon Region.