Ecotone UK becomes a Future Maker

The B-Corp certified business will offer career insight to disadvantaged young people in the uk

Ecotone UK has joined MyBigCareer’s Future Makers programme to introduce young people to a career in the food industry.

A natural next step in the company’s diversity and inclusion initiative, Ecotone UK will work closely with MyBigCareer to open up opportunities for teenagers aged 12-18 from disadvantaged backgrounds and give them valuable insights into a future career path.

The mission-led business, which is home to household brands Clipper Teas, Kallo, Whole Earth and Mrs Crimble’s, can offer young people a broad perspective of the food industry from new product development to finance, sales & marketing through to a day in the life of a CEO.

MyBigCareer and Ecotone UK will offer schools, local to the company’s two sites in Surrey and Dorset, the chance for pupils to take part in workshops, 1:1 Career Coaching and Insight Days designed to inspire and spark creativity. Ecotone’s employees can also become volunteer coaches to help build self-belief and support young people to break through the barriers to social mobility.

Alongside career guidance, Ecotone UK can also show pupils how the food they eat has an impact on the natural world. Driven by the company’s mission, Food for Biodiversity, Ecotone UK is committed to using natural and organic ingredients, that help to protect and grow biodiversity.

Ann Chambers, HR Director at Ecotone UK, says:

“As part of Ecotone’s Food for Biodiversity purpose, we have been looking at our own inclusion and diversity and how our internal ecosystem and local community could benefit from greater depth of diversity. This has driven us to look outside the business to how we can create a positive future for the food industry by bringing greater diversity to the next generation of workers in FMCG. We’re delighted to be working with MyBigCareer to help open up more opportunities for young people and break down barriers for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Ecotone UK has an internal diversity and inclusion initiative that is focused on creating a welcoming workplace and equal opportunities for all. This means making sure that everyone has a voice and raising awareness of unconscious bias.

Earlier this year, Ecotone UK was certified as a Great Place to Work – the highest recognition for the quality of the work environment. It scored most positively on credibility, fairness, respect, pride and camaraderie.

Richard Watson, MyBigCareer Chief Executive says:

“The partnerships we’re building with diversity-focused businesses like Ecotone UK will play such an important role in unlocking the social mobility crisis facing young people. As a B-Corp company with clear commitment to its people and communities, we’re excited to welcome Ecotone UK to MyBigCareer Future Makers. Our collaboration has huge potential to open up workplace opportunities across the Ecotone business for under-represented young people.”