Ecotone releases its Mission Report!

Since October 2020, Ecotone achieved the status of a mission-led company, recognising its commitment to social and environmental impacts, not just financial gain. Read the 2022 Mission Report

Ecotone’s mission, within the meaning of Article 1835 of the French Civil Code, is as follows: ‘Promoting food that is good for people and biodiversity’.

The status of an ‘entreprise à mission’ is defined according to the French Law ‘PACTE’ (action plan for growth and business transformation).

To become a mission-led company, Ecotone fulfilled four requirements:

  • Define a purpose, a mision in the Articles of Association
  • Set commitments, social and environmental objectives
  • Create a company Mission Committee to monitor the execution of the mission
  • Appoint an independent third party to verify the proper execution of the mission

Ecotone chose four societal and environmental commitments:

  1. Improve health and help preserve the environment thanks to a portfolio of products mainly from organic farming
  2. Encourage food and agricultural biodiversity by diversifying the plant species in our recipes
  3. Contribute to the preservation of wild biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems by developing approaches that apply agricultural practices fostering biodiversity
  4. Raise awareness and engage our employees in achieving our mission

Our role as Ecotone’s Mission Committee is somewhat unique among mission-led companies. In fact, we can confidently state that Ecotone was already a mission-led company before this legal designation existed. Therefore, the Committee’s role goes beyond simply evaluating actions and resources deployed; we serve as strategic advisors, constructive critics, and explorers of new paths and ideas. That’s why we have created a mission report that aligns with this vision.

Read the 2022 Mission Report :