Ecotone is once again BioEntrepriseDurable® certified

Since 2014, Ecotone is BioEntrepriseDurable® (“OrganicSustainableFirm”) certified! A demanding label by and for organic companies, to promote their commitments and contribute ever more positively to the transformation of our society.

What is the Label BioEntrepriseDurable® (BioEd) Label?
👉 A professional label based on the ISO 2600 standard
👉 A certification conducted by an independent body
👉 An annual evaluation

What does it mean to be #BioEd certified?
🍃 Putting CSR at the heart of our strategic thinking in the service of global performance
🍃 Offering working conditions that allow employees to flourish and become involved in the company project
🍃 Improving the environmental impact of our activity at all stages of the life cycle of our products
🍃 Ensure respect for human rights and promote a fair distribution of value in our supply chains
🍃 Contribute to the sustainable development of the organic sector
🍃 Promote the authenticity and naturalness of organic products
🍃 Demonstrate transparency on its CSR issues and involve its stakeholders in their resolution
🍃 Promote access to organic food

Congratulations to our entities Bjorg & Compagnie and Bonneterre & Compagnie who are going further and further in defending organic food and its values!
And well done to the sector and in particular to SYNABIO for having co-developed this project for almost 10 years now!