Ecotone and COP26

COP26 is the 2021 United Nations climate change conference.

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Nov 15

Cop 26 has ended, not our fight against current industrial agricultural systems and food standardisation that cause #biodiversity loss!

🍃 #Organic and #vegetarian food is our future… starting now! (Even if we’ve been commiting to organic, plant-based food and biodiversity for 30 years 😉 )

👊 We are determined. We are Ecotone.

Nov 11

COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference agenda of the day is about Cities, Regions, and Built Environment. Cherishing biodiversity means having #facilities and #offices environmental-friendly and beyond!

🌿 Our Ecotone headquarters, “the hive”, is the very first building in France to obtain the Silver level of the #WELL “New and existing Buildings” certification (taking into account a wide range of factors: environmental concerns, air quality, natural light, the comfort of the premises, ergonomics of the workspaces, etc.)

🌳 One of our factories in the south of France is at the heart of a #Natura2000 world heritage site, that aims to ensure the long-term survival of threatened species and habitats

🌼 On a production site in Germany, our employees had the idea to plan #wildflowers, 9 years later, with the support of local associations, farmers and residents more than 12 hectares are #biodiversity islands!

👉 Discover more commitments through our manifesto videos

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Nov 10

#Transport We have built a holistic action plan within our supply chain to implement concrete actions:
✔️ #reducing the number of trucks on the roads
✔️ #intermodal transportation optimization
✔️ #truckload optimization

Transport emissions represent 7% of Ecotone‘s carbon footprint and while our carbon footprint is stable in intensity, we are working on a global roadmap to reach our #reduction target.

👉 Check out our Sustainability performance data

Nov 8

📢 Only 9 harvests before 2030! Will leaders at COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference react in time & mobilize the potential of more #plantbased food systems to fight climate change?

👉 Look out concrete actions governments need to take to support sustainable #FoodSystems here: COP26_IAPF_Statement.pdf (

🌍 Joint statement co-written and co-signed by #ENSAEuropeanPlantbasedFoodsAssociation#US Plant Based Foods AssociationPlant-Based Foods of Canada Plant-Based Food Alliance UK, Plant-based Food #China #PlanteBranchen #VäxtbaseratSverige

Nov 5

#Cop26 #TakeAction Earlier this year, we have decided to strengthen our commitment to nature by joining the Science Based Targets Network for Nature (SBTN) engagement program.

📣 In an effort to issue robust and business compatible final guidelines, SBTN is calling for companies to test this preliminary method and provide feedback for improvement.

👉 This is what Ecotone has committed to as of May 2021.

🌎 SBTN is a global coalition of environmental experts and NGOs that uses scientific solutions to reduce corporate environmental impacts and restore nature, in line with scientific objectives. The coalition has defined a common framework to assess nature’s decline. This framework includes five key human-induced pressures that are acting on four different aspects of nature: biodiversity, land, freshwater and ocean.

📑 More: SBTN-initial-guidance-for-business.pdf 

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Nov 4

🙏 We’re proud that our pioneering fairtrade and biodiversity friendly brand #Clipper has been chosen as the tea brand for #COP26! This did not happen by chance. This is the result of daily commitments to organic and biodiversity. At a brand level and at a corporate level.

🌎 As today’s topic at COP26 is about #energy, let’s talk about our achievements! Scope 1 & 2 (direct emissions) represent 3% of Ecotone’s carbon footprint. We also hit 95% renewable electricity and aim 100% by 2025.

🌼 We’re also working hard on an ambitious energy efficiency action plan in order to switch to green biogas by 2030.

Together, let’s put #biodiversity on the menu!

Nov 3

#Cop26 is about commitment and actions. As a biodiversity-driven company, we believe in #transparency to inspire people and other firms, but also to monitor our initiatives and progress.

🌍 That is why we are sharing publicly our CSR performance scorecard along with other commitments and KPIs.

Certifications like #Bcorp or our French “mission-led” company status strengthen our actions to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

We want to lead the change in the food system to stop biodiversity loss. And we’ll achieve this goal by banning all chemical substances that destroy life in the fields, by promoting meat and dairy alternatives to avoid deforestation, by developing advanced agricultural practices beyond organic standards, by fighting against food standardization and by revitalising ecosystems.

🚀 We are not alone, let’s do that together!

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Nov 1

🌍 Today marks the launch of the 26th COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference. Let’s always have in mind that It’s impossible to tackle climate change without addressing biodiversity loss.

👉 We all have a role to play, and at Ecotone we’re serious about biodiversity preservation. Read more about our commitments:


🌍 Aujourd’hui marque le lancement de la 26e conférence des Nations unies sur le changement climatique. Gardons toujours à l’esprit qu’il est impossible de lutter contre le changement climatique sans s’attaquer à la perte de biodiversité.

👉 Nous avons tous un rôle à jouer, et chez Ecotone, préserver la biodiversité est notre combat. Pour en savoir plus sur nos engagements :

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