Care Awards Ceremony

At the end of this special year, we have celebrated our commitment to our values through the Care & Food for Biodiversity Ceremony.

All employees submitted us 72 nominations across Europe, after a vote from all people in Ecotone, we rewarded, for the CARE Awards, this ceremony has rewarded the greatest annual initiatives of how each one of our collaborators lives the CARE values every single day.

Every participant of this ceremony has contributed to a donation to several organizations such as PurProject in Europe, Sorwathe Tea Factory (Rwanda), and Heiveld (India) to support reforestation.

In total, 5 teams and initiatives have been rewarded:

  • BONNETERRE & COAT TEAMS, the 1rst oat field range in the French HFS market
    Leader: Renaud Chamonal
  • CSR/COMMS team, Food for Biodiversity strategy, and the Ecotone group name
    Leader: Emilie Lowenbach

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!