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Wessanen BENELUX

At Wessanen Benelux, our mission is to contribute to healthier products, healthier people, healthier planet. On top of that we are B-Corp certified!

Zonnatura is the leading organic brand with the widest range of 100% natural purely plant-based food & drinks that are actively good for you. With Zonnatura you can be confident you’re making the healthy choices that are right for you and your loved ones.

At Clipper we believe that every cup of tea matters. Every cup you drink means that we can keep doing good for the people and the planet. For that reason all our products are made with pure, natural and organic ingredients.

At Piramide we focus on organic tea, herbs and spices for already more than 35 years. The enthusiasm that we have and the knowledge that we gained over the years guarantee wonderful, pure, organic products. 

De Rit is an ‘’organic specialist’’ since 1969. We still work with traditional methods and all ingredients are selected with greatest care. This allows you to enjoy good and pure products! 

Packed with peanuts. Source of protein and fiber. Whole earth is nature’s tastiest fuel in a jar

Organic? Dairy free? 100% natural? You can count on Isola Bio, which is best in class in all these fields. We have the perfect dairy alternatives for you and your health.

Tasty and good for the planet. Alter Eco chocolate is 100% organic, Fairtrade and vegan.

Our ambition at Bjorg ? Provide everyone with organic, tasty and high quality food. We’ve been doing this for already more than 30 years!

Plant-based alternatives to dairy are a no brainer. It is more sustainable, animal-friendly and healthier than dairy products produced by animals.

People want to do the right thing, but not when it feels like a step back in quality or pleasure. That is why since 2014 it has been Abbot Kinney’s mission to make the better choice tastier, within reach and top of mind. All products are made from natural ingredients that are organic, clean and 100% plant based. Our vegetable yog and ice are not only more sustainable, animal-friendly and healthier, but also delicious!

Our key partners

We take a natural approach to business, which means we’re open, honest, fair and responsible – with everyone we work with. Our valued partnerships lie at the heart of our sustainability strategy and vision:

As Wessanen we are the first European food company to be B-corp Certified! Our goal at Wessanen is to reconnect people with nature through food.

Wessanen Benelux is a proud partner of the non-profit organization JINC. Through the collaboration we will help children from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods on their way to a good start on the labor market

Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to acquire a better place in the trade chain, so that they can make a living from their work and invest in a sustainable future. Fairtrade is both a hallmark and a global movement. Together we make the world fair, with equal opportunities for everyone.

Wessanen is a member of Koffie en Thee Nederland. As an industry association, they bundle knwoledge and expertise. In this way we can promote the interests of the coffee and tea sector together.

Bionext is committed to have more organic agriculture and food in the Netherlands. We do this through events, campaigns, (inter)national knowledge and research projects and trade fairs. Bionext thus connects every link in the organic chian from farm to fork. As Wessanen we are a member of BioNederland. BioNederland is the association of organic producers and trade. We believe that organic should set the standard for sustainable, transparent and fair food chains for a healthy future for humans, animals, plants and the planet.